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Repurposing of an existing multi-level urban building of semi-industrial and obsolete character, into the headquarters of the International University of Rioja. The original building featured a non-descript facade with an interior space of little architectural value.


The project was able to provide the building with its own architectural character and distinct work, teaching, and event-oriented spaces, while, at the same time turning it into a highly energy efficient building (top category A), using technologically advanced building management systems.


There are two open space areas within the site, separated in distinct areas: The first lies parallel to the Av. de la Paz and permits public use and allows access to the property; the second, which is located in the back of the building, is reserved for private use and serves to extend the activities of the ground floor to the outside.

Location: Logroño, La Rioja, Spain

Client: Private owner

Built Area: 5.251 m²

Status: Completed

Lead Architect: Montse Arrufat / Monica Farran Astica / Júlio Zumárraga (project manager)

Design Team: 

Marina Fernández, arquitecta

Marti Cabestany, estructura

ICM, facilities engineering

Alfonso Castillo, technical support

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