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The project consisted of the repurposing of an abandoned building, is located in the Raval neighborhood, near Las Ramblas and the Liceo of Barcelona, into a 28-room tourist hotel. The original massing, which included a main five-story building connected to a single-story structure, was maintained in order to better fit with its surrounding context.

Additionally, the project incorporated two new courtyards to bring natural light into all the hotel rooms, while complying with current hotel construction regulations.

Location: El Raval, Barcelona, Spain

Client: Private owner

Built Area: 1.200 m²

Status: Completed

Lead Architect: Monica Farran Astica /

Núria Llaverías Baques

Design Team: 

Marti Cabestany, structure

OTEI, facilities engineering

Estudi Ona, interior design

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