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The ordination urban planning proposed is articulated from a road axis, type boulevard style, and another fluvial, known as the Witch Stream.  


In this central area anA outer peripheral crown of isolated buildings make upconstitutes the main main district façadesfacades of the sector; and in the inner streets, stand rows of small a row  On the other side of the highway, five large industrial plots are located And small buildings in a row in the inner streets. in the area occupied by the Alcoholera and Vins Font, five large industrial plots are located.

Location: Castellet i la Gornal, Alt Penedès, Spain

Client: Private property

Area: 84 Ha

Status: Completed and approved

Lead Architect: JE Hernandez-Cros / Monica Farran Astica


Victor Alegri Sabater, architect

Carles Puigdomenech, legal assistance 

Xavier Massip, enviromental and mobility advice

PROMO ASSESSORS CONSULTOR, sustainability and economic viability

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