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The project, located in the center of Barcelona, converted an eighteenth century palatial building into a boutique hotel. The U-shaped building surrounds a central courtyard. Previous work had included construction of exterior structures that did not respect the original form or function of the building.

The project addressed a desire to recover the original building structure and architectural elements, eliminating the multiple subsequent additions that had been built over time. The various architectural elements used in the project included iron and glass to highlight the original heritage values of the building, including the building facade and the central courtyard.


Proposed new construction of an enclosed glass walkway on the reopened side of the courtyard was used to facilitate internal building circulation and allow for natural light.

Location: El Gòtic, Barcelona, Spain

Client: Private owner

Built Area: 1.700 m²

Status: Completed

Lead Architect: Monica Farran Astica / Núria Llaverías Baques

Design Team: 

Marti Cabestany, structure

OTEK, facilities engineering

Estudi Ona, interior design

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