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This is an urbanizationa cluster of residences located in a wooded area, bordering the Foix Park. Illegally sourcedGiven its illegal origin, it does not have basic urban services. 


The preliminary Urban Plan (PPU) consisted of providing Els Angels subsector with the corresponding urban services, and resolving the new settlements of La Creu subsector from a territorial point of view.


The landscape and eco-efficiency criteria adopted were the following:

- Select suitable materials with the environment

- Avoid excess lighting and install automatic dimming systems

- Incorporate solar panels for public and private lighting

- Regarding Els Angels subsector, analyze existing buildings, their enclosures and the roads of some plots with great topographic difficulties

- Regarding La Creu subsector, propose a grouped building model, with little land consumption

Location: Castellet i la Gornal, Alt Penedès, Spain

Client: City Hall Castellet i la Gornal (Local Government)

Area: 28.20 Ha

Status: Completed and approved

Lead Architect: JE Hernandez-Cros / Monica Farran Astica


Gil Ribeiro, architect

Vasco Mourao, architect

Alfons Pellicer, legal assistance 

DOPEC, engineering

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