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Project selected for the III Architecture Biennial, as well as for the 1995 Spanish Architecture Prize

Construction of a residential building with 28 low-income units, including on-site parking and ground floor commercial uses. One of the main features of the project consisted of a ramp under a portico that provided access from the inside of the building to and adjacent open space area.


Each of the building facades was designed according to their surrounding environment. The one overlooking the main road is more solid and with fewer openings, while the back facade, overlooking the open space area, it is held by columns, making it more open and permeable.

Location: Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Baix Llobregrat, Spain

Client: Generalitat de Catalunya

Built Area: 3.180 m²

Status: Completed

Lead Architect: Monica Farran Astica / Cabré, Alegret

Design Team: 

Eduardo Ponce, structure

Joan Gurri, technical support

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