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Rehabilitation, upgrade and expansion of an existing arts and crafts museum located in multiple adjacent buildings. The project performed was aimed at the reconfiguration and expansion of the existing museum complex, as well as an overall technical update to meet current museum standards, such as those related to accessibility, security and fire safety. The initial state of the buildings was very poor due to the seaside location and a lack of proper maintenance that resulted in permanent damage by the time of the start of the project.

The most relevant actions included: 

  1. Consolidation and redesign of the three buildings that make up the museum complex, utilizing Can Rocamora as a central hub and primary point of entry.

  2. Creation of new structures and reinforcement of existing ones.

  3. Conservation and restoration of the ceramic tile sets of Cau-Ferrat, Can Rocamora and Museo Maricel.

  4. Restoration of stone elements.

  5. Restoration of applied arts.

  6. Reconfiguration of the seaside façade

Location: Sitges, Garraf, Spain

Client: Consorci del Patrimoni de Sitges (Local Government)

Built Area: 2.815 

Status: Completed

Lead Architect: JE Hernández-CrosMonica Farran Astica

Design Team:

JM Boronat, architect

Luis Arce, architect

Pilar Salinas, architect

Marina Fernández, architect

Diagonal arquitectura, structure

Aribau 70, facilities engineering

Q-ESTUDI, techincal support

Angelica B. González de la Mota, restorer

Patrimonio UB, crystalography and mineralogy

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