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1840 Apartments. Major Rehabilitation of a Heritage Building

This residential building, together with the neighboring complexes at No. 2 and No. 6, forms part of a full block of French neoclassical style houses. The Balustrade crowning includes a solid mass upon the axis of symmetry, which holds the inscription of the construction year of 1842. The ornamental finish can be distinguished by its sober tone. The highlights of the building notably include the first level’s cast iron railings, which allude to maritime themes.


The building is organized around a central courtyard. The project proposal aims to bring the homes up to current technical and comfort standards, all the while respecting the heritage of the building.


El Gotic, Barcelona. Spain


Private Owner

Built area:             

1.657,00 m² / 475,00 m²




Lead Architects:

Monica Farran Astica

Design Team:             

Josep Mª Sabadell, architect

Marti Cabestany, structure

OTEK, facilities engineering

Jose Luis Sanchez, technical assessment

VECLUS SL, histrical assessment

Ahintzina Saez, restorer

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