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The Banyeres del Penedès co-op asked our team to modify the urban regulations in place to allow for a change from industrial to residential use, without losing buildable space. 


The project proposes to recover the original industrial building, with a certain historical value, for social uses. The project eliminates the extensions that have been produced over time, creating a new space for the development of new homes.


A historical and architectural study is incorporated, positively informed by the technical services of the City Council and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat.

Location: Banyeres, Alt Penedès, Spain

Client: Banyeres del Penedès Agricultural Cooperative

Built Area: 4.89 m²

Status: Completed and approved

Lead Architect: Monica Farran Astica / JE Hernández-Cros


Luís Arce, architect

Luís Eustaquio Martín, landscaping

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